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Detailed introduction of alumina ceramic tube processing
Date:2021-12-04 09:41:48 Hits:

Alumina ceramic pipe has strong weather resistance, that is, it has strong adaptability to the external climate, sun exposure resistance, acid rain corrosion resistance and stable performance. It does not need oil paint or protective layer on its surface and cutting edge. It can be glazed directly after finishing.

Alumina ceramic tube is industrial Al2O3, which is made of bauxite (Al2O3 ▪ 3H2O) and diaspore. Al2O3 with high purity requirements is generally prepared by chemical method. The molding methods mainly include extrusion, isostatic pressure, grouting, dry pressure and high-temperature calcination after injection molding, but it is different from general ceramic tubes.

When the alumina ceramic tube is calcined, the composite ceramic materials of zirconia, silicon oxide, silicon nitride and other powders will greatly increase the hardness and strength of the ceramic tube. Moreover, compared with the traditional ceramic tube, the alumina ceramic tube has low water absorption, advanced process, low cost and relatively large brittleness.