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Do you have nano ceramics?
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Nano ceramics, in essence, refers to ceramics with nano effect due to the small grain size to the nano level. At present, there are no three-dimensional nano ceramics on the market. Therefore, the ceramic balls and ceramic bearings we see with the naked eye do not have the so-called nano theory.

The wear-resistant granular adhesive is composed of modified resin and special curing agent as the base material, hard particles such as alumina, silicon carbide and brown corundum as the bone material, different particles and particle size grading are selected according to different working conditions, supplemented by various modifying additives. It is used to repair and protect the erosion and wear of particles, dust and slurry in coal washing, beneficiation, metallurgy, building materials, cement, power and other industries. There are many kinds of wear-resistant granular adhesives, and different materials are required under different working conditions.

Wear resistant particle adhesive is distinguished according to the diameter of nano ceramic particles. It can be divided into rj-yhl-1.0-2.0 small particle wear resistant particle adhesive and rj-yhl-2.0-3.0 large particle wear resistant particle adhesive.

Rj-yhl-1.0-2.0 contains high concentration of nano ceramic particles as epoxy repair agent for wear-resistant hard points, which is suitable for resisting the wear of particles with a diameter of less than 3mm.

Summary: it is difficult to complete the connection between wear-resistant ceramics and metal parts of equipment through traditional connection methods such as welding. High temperature resistant ceramic particle adhesive is selected for bonding to complete the connection between wear-resistant ceramics and metal parts of equipment. Through development, this skill has been applied to electric power, metallurgy, mining, cement and other industries, and has been widely used and recognized. The use of wear-resistant ceramic particle glue can glue the very strong high-purity wear-resistant ceramic sheet to the surface of the equipment severely scoured by materials, prolong the service life of these equipment, strengthen the protection of such equipment, and then achieve the objectives of reducing and replacing new equipment and effectively reducing maintenance costs.