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Properties and selection methods of zirconia ceramic rods
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Properties of zirconia ceramic rod:

1. Due to the high hardness of zirconia ceramic rod, it can be made into cold forming tools, shaping dies, wire drawing dies, cutting tools, grinding media, golf club heads, etc.

2. Zirconia ceramic rod has high strength and good toughness. Therefore, it can be used to manufacture engine components, such as push rod, connecting rod, bearing, cylinder liner, piston cap, etc.

3. Zirconia ceramic rod also has semiconductor and sensitive characteristics. It can be made into high-temperature fuel cell solid electrolyte diaphragm, molten steel oxygen detector and oxygen concentration sensor in gas.

4. Due to the stable inertia, good corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance of zirconia ceramic rod, it can be used to make high-performance firing kiln tools in the firing process of electronic ceramics, that is, electronic firing plate.

5. Because zirconia ceramic rod has good chemical stability, high hardness and toughness, it can also be widely used as Bioceramics in human body components such as artificial teeth and bones.

Selection method of zirconia ceramic rod:

One trick to teach you is to scrape the glaze of zirconia ceramic rod with a hard object to see the quality of the product from its traces. Observe the surface quality of the ceramic rod. If there are traces left, it indicates that the quality of the product does not meet the standard. What choice should be made.

There are many standards to distinguish the quality of zirconia ceramic rod. You can knock it. The clearer the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain and the better the quality. You can also clip a corner of the ceramic rod with your left thumb, index finger and middle finger and hang it easily. Tap the middle and lower part of the ceramic rod with your right index finger. The sound is pleasant and clear, which is the top grade, and the sound is dull and turbid, which is the bottom grade.

Of course, it can also be distinguished by observing the flatness and color of zirconia ceramic rod. If the side of the ceramic rod is flat and straight, it can bear force when used, and the effect is good. And the clearer its color, the better. Check whether there are pinholes with the naked eye. Pinholes and dirt will accumulate.

In addition, detection is one of the more direct ways, mainly to see the water absorption of zirconia ceramics. The lower the water absorption of the ceramic rod, the higher the internal stability of the ceramic rod, the more suitable for the environment with wet water or high moisture content, and will not produce black spots and other problems.

During operation, it is only necessary to pour water on the back of the zirconia ceramic rod. The ceramic rod with slow penetration or even no water penetration is of good quality, and vice versa.